Friday, 8 March 2013

Reception Questionnaire

As I mentioned in my previous post, I did various wedding printable searches when looking for the perfect bridesmaid invite. Sadly I wasn't able to find the right invites, but I did find inspiration for a guest questionnaire for our wedding. If you've never heard of this, don't worry, I hadn't either. Basically it is just a small card with some questions, intended for the guests at a wedding to fill out. I think it could be a fun way to get some quest feedback and provide some happy memories for John and I as years pass.

While most of the questionnaires I found on Pinterest were beautiful, I really wanted something simple. I eventually came across a style I liked and decided to create my own personalized template based off this style. I found all of the frames and different elements online, I even downloaded a free font to use. I felt this would be a pretty inexpensive project as I arranged an 8.5' by 11' piece of paper to include four questionnaires, meaning it would only cost me a few sheets of card-stock in the end.

  1. Adobe InDesign (trial)
  2. Quality card-stock
  3. Printer
  1. I first created an Adobe InDesign on an 8.5' by 11' piece of paper that was evenly split four ways. This ended up taking more time than I had originally intended as I needed to ensure the useable area did not interfere with the printable area of the page.  
  2. I then included various frames and different elements within the frames. It took me some time to think of the questions I wanted to include for this questionnaire. I want our guests to feel included, but I didn't want to bore them with endless questions to fill out.
  3. Once all of the questions I wanted were included I printed the document onto coral and ivory coloured card-stock and cut the page into the four even sections so that each questionnaire was independent from the others. 
I made sure to not include any colour in our questionnaire as I liked how it looked, and since it cuts down on printing costs - bonus! I am really excited about this experiment for our wedding. I can't wait to see what answers we get for our questions, especially the one about potential future children. I'm am not sure if I want to incorporate these into the guest book somehow, but either way I know I will be using these at our reception.


  1. Haha! Cool idea! Other people LOVE sharing their words of wisdom. They'll feel included, and I'm sure you'll get some laughs along the way :)

  2. What a cute idea. You are very creative and cannot wait to hear more about your wedding.

  3. This is such a great idea. It's very sweet, personal and inexperience. Very smart.

  4. The questionnaires look to be tastefully designed Stephanie, well done. I'm sure they will garner more than a couple witty comments for you to share with the grandchildren.

    And hey, worst comes to worst, comment cards are a good place to start if you ever give this wedding business a second go.... I.E: Renewing your vows 50 years down the road ;)

  5. This is such a great idea Steph! I have never seen this at a wedding before but I think it's a great way to includge the guests and make some memories. I will be passing this along to my other friends that are getting married :)

  6. I hope you keep this blog going. I have friends who are interested in reading it.

  7. Great idea! And your questionnaire is so well-designed!

  8. Such an awesome idea and so well put together Steph.